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A BIG Unexpected Life Update

Updated: Feb 13

Life (God) has a funny way of throwing the unexpected at you in the worst (but also the best) timing. What we want our lives to look like often doesn't happen, or at least not in the timeframe that we were hoping for.

This past Friday on my way to surprise my mom for her birthday, I got a call from Dan. It's not unusual that he calls me during road trips, so I thought nothing of it. He asked if I was driving (which I was) and told me to call him back because he had something to tell me about his job. Curious (and also concerned) I made him tell me right then.

In a voice that I've rarely heard him use, he told me that the non-profit he had been working for was not doing well financially and had to make some serious budget cuts.

Dan, being the last hired in his department, was let go.

After almost 3 years of commitment, hard work, and being the best employee they had (I'm biased, but also it's true), just like that, he was done.

In the first few seconds after he told me, I almost started to cry (which I normally don't do). A million thoughts were running through my head. "Will my photography be enough to keep us afloat?" "How will we pay our mortgage?"

But then, I was washed over with a peace that is pretty unexplainable.

I should have been freaking out trying to understand and figure out what we were going to do next. Instead, I was excited for Dan to start doing something that he really loved and was passionate about, and I trusted that the Lord would continue to bless my business and give me moolah ;)

Dan will now officially be running all of the the marketing and strategy for my business and will be my backup photographer at weddings. He will get to use his passions and his talents to further my photography, while also having the perk of seeing me 24/7.

We are so excited to have this push in our business, and I am so pumped to have my best friend working alongside me full-time.

Please be praying for us as we adjust to a new schedule and work our butts off to book bomb clients (I seriously love all of my clients). We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord does in this new phase of our lives.

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