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Protecting the ADKs: donating to the Adirondack Council

As a photographer in the Adirondack Mountains, I am in love with this beautiful state park. In an effort to help protect it, I am donating 10% of the profits from all of my photoshoots throughout the month of April to the Adirondack Council.

Spring is coming in about a week (even though we all know that isn't accurate here in the north country), and that means the Adirondack population will explode soon. As the weather warms up people will flock to the beautiful ADKs.

Can you imagine if the Adirondacks were left unmaintained? Trash on the hiking trails, polluted air, dangerous conditions for wildlife.

The Adirondacks - my home - would suffer severely. The natural beauty would suffer, the wildlife would suffer, the economy would suffer. Whether you're a tourist or a native, you would also suffer.

The ADKs are beautiful because they are well maintained. The 6 million acres of the Adirondack Park are filled with mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests that make up "the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States." With such a large area to protect, I'm sure that it is no small task to maintain a sustainable ecosystem in an area that attracts so many tourists.

That's why I am donating 10% of my proceeds from all photoshoots in April to the Adirondack Council. Founded in 1975, the Adirondack Council's core mission is "to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park."

Their annual budget of $1.8 million is funded solely through individuals and foundations who are passionate about protecting the Adirondacks - people like you and me.

Will you help protect the Adirondack Park? Donate to the Adirondack Council here.

If you are looking to book a photoshoot with me, make sure to schedule it in April, and 10% of my proceeds will go to the Adirondack Council! Book a photoshoot here.

Laura Pinckard is an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in the Adirondacks. She is based in Schroon Lake, NY but travels just about anywhere. Whether you're getting married in New York, the West Coast, or planning a destination wedding in Europe, feel free to reach out.

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