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Planning the Perfect Adirondack Elopement - Friends Lake Inn

Thinking about eloping? Do it. Thinking about eloping in the Adirondacks? Double do it. Looking for a photographer to capture your Adirondack elopement? I'll do it.

Briana + Perry's Elopement

Briana and Perry eloped at Friends Lake Inn and had me capture their special day.

This is how they described their decision to elope: "We both knew we wanted a small intimate wedding and really wanted to just focus on ourselves and our relationship without the distraction or opinions of others. We had a trying year in 2018 with many exciting challenges and some heartbreaking ones, too, which just made our small wedding ceremony more important to us!"

And that's just what they did!

They booked a gorgeous room at Friends Lake Inn in the Adirondack Mountains and eloped on a chilly Saturday in December of 2018.

Briana had a stunning dress, a gorgeous bouquet, and an amazing cake made by Belle Dolci, and an officiant was also provided by the inn to preform their ceremony. Her mom provided champagne glasses that have been passed down through her family, and she also brought an antique, blue hanger for her dress that belonged to her grandmother.

Steps for Planning Your Own Perfect Adirondack Elopement

If you take anything away from Briana + Perry's elopement, it's that your day can be stress-free and relaxing, while also being romantic and intimate.

No one's opinions need to make their way into your planning.

You don't have to spend money that you don't want to.

You don't have to invite anyone you don't want to.

You don't have to stress about what other people think of your decisions. What more could you ask for for your wedding day? An Adirondack elopement could be the perfect way to create precious, intimate memories without emptying your bank account.

1. Find Your Dream Location

There are dozens of amazing locations to choose in the Adirondacks. From valleys with mountain views to going on 5 hour hikes for an amazing mountaintop view, the possibilities are endless. Here are a list of places I recommend for you: Places to Get Married - Adirondacks.

2. Find a Place to Stay in the Adirondacks

You can do your research and look up a ton of places where you can stay and get married, or you can check out this list that I've made especially for you: Where to Stay in the Adirondacks.

The Adirondacks are full of incredibly cozy options for lodging. Whether you like historic castles, isolated cabins, or places with a modern flare - the ADKs have got you covered.

3. Find Someone to Officiate Your Ceremony

If you have a pastor or would like to keep it simple with a courthouse ceremony, that's easy. But if not, there are plenty of officiants in the Adirondacks that are wonderful to work with! For example, there are a few officiants here.

4. Plan what your day will look like

Will you wear a white dress, or be non-traditional? Will you go for a hike and get married on top of a mountain? Will you say "I do" in a cozy Adirondack lodge? Will you have any florals or decorations? What about a meal out after you tie the knot?

Plan out what you want your whole day to look like and how you want it to flow. If you have a plan beforehand, it will make your stay a lot less stressful so you can focus on what's most important - eloping.

5. Invest in What Matters the Most

Which parts of your elopement will you look back on and be glad that you invested in - or disappointed if you didn't? That's where you should focus your budget.

For example, professional photography (insert shameless plug) is something that will protect those memories for a lifetime... sometimes for generations. An Adirondack Elopement will make for incredible photos if you hire the right photographer.

I didn't invest a lot of money into photography when I got married, and I really regret it. That's one of the reasons that I am so passionate about delivering the best photos possible to my clients.

No matter what you decide to do for your elopement, do it for yourself and your fiancé. One of the best things about eloping is the intimacy of your wedding, as well as little to no stress that usually is entailed in wedding planning. Now go get planning!

Laura Pinckard is an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in the Adirondacks. She is based in Schroon Lake, NY but travels just about anywhere. Whether you're getting married in New York, the West Coast, or planning a destination wedding in Europe, feel free to reach out.


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