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Indian Head Proposal - Adirondacks

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

She thought they were just going for a hike...

A few weeks ago Joseph reached out asking if I was available to shoot his proposal to his girlfriend Ashley at Indian Head.

He was a Marine and is now a NJ state trooper, and Ashley is about to graduate nursing school. From their past conversations, Ashley was under the impression that they wouldn't get engaged until she graduated. But Joseph had other plans.

Joseph told me he found my Instagram through hashtags and said he really loved my photography (so of course I liked them already!).

I was pumped to get his message because 1) I LOVE love and 2) I had been meaning to hike Indian Head but hadn't (and it snows EARLY in the Adirondacks, so I didn't know if I'd be able to do it before winter). All that to say - I didn't hesitate to say yes to taking photos of his proposal!

We took the next few days to figure out the details and flesh out our plan. We talked about whether I should hide in the bushes and get some shots of the proposal from far away, but we decided that I should pretend to be a nature photographer so that I could get as close as possible to capture her reaction. He told me that he would "randomly" approach me to ask if I could take a picture of them and the view (which is when he would get on his knee to propose to her).

Joseph wanted to do a sunrise hike and asked if 5 AM was too early for my husband and I to hike. I'm always down for an adventure, so I volunteered Dan and myself to start hiking at 4:30 AM.

If you know me, you know that I sometimes over-prepare for things. This shoot was no exception, as we started the hike at 3:30 AM instead of 4:30. My goal was to get there before them to be ready for when Joseph proposed. Needless to say, we got there WAY too early and huddled in the woods together to try to get some sleep before the shoot. We were over-prepared on timing and under-prepared in the warmth department (remember your blankets, kids).

Regardless, we made it to the top of Indian Head and waited for Joseph and Ashley to make it to the lookout.

Please enjoy this picture of Dan and I hiking at 4 AM

As we waited, some other brave souls came to the summit to watch the sunrise. A few minutes later Joseph and Ashley walked out of the woods. I could tell that Joseph was trying to find the right time to pop the question, but some people came up to them to ask if they wanted them to take their pictures on his phone (before he could ask me for a photo). The random girls took a few pictures for them, which sort of ruined the plan.

But then Ashley asked Joseph to take a picture of her sitting on the edge of the cliff.

Little did she know that this was THE PERFECT setting for him to kneel next to her without being seen. I signaled to Joseph that I was ready whenever he was, and Dan ran up to an elevated cliff for another angle.

Joseph got down on his knee and waited for her to turn around.

From the pictures below you can tell that she had no idea that he was planning this. She stood up, and he started to tell her how much she meant to him... That was when he finally asked her to be his wife.


I am so happy for these two as they begin to plan their wedding and commit the rest of their lives to each other.

// Laura Pinckard is an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in Schroon, Lake New York - right in the heart of the Adirondacks. Check out her wedding photography packages here. //

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