How far do you travel?

Short Answer:


I am, at my core, a wandering soul. My family moved to Europe when I was young and traveled all over the place. Even after moving back to the states, I have kept traveling as often as possible. I currently call the Adirondacks of upstate NY home, but my photography takes me to new places all the time. I would be HAPPY to travel to you, especially if you live near mountains - because they make for incredible photos!

Travel fees do apply, and they vary from location to location. I do my best to keep costs low, especially when I can stay with family or friends to avoid hotels!

What is your pricing?

Starting Prices:

Sessions - $500

Elopements - $2,500

Weddings - $3,400

Photography is an investment - and a very worthwhile one!

We take our jobs as photographers very seriously, because we are capturing special life moments. There are no do-over's.  With that in mind, we put in a lot of effort outside of just the time that you spend in front of the camera - planning, preparing, scouting locations, retouching, editing. Making sure everything is perfect.  I also use high quality equipment and software to produce stunning results.  And I have insurance, because tragedies happen.  


There are so many factors that affect pricing, but at the end of the day - you are investing in something priceless. Your photos can be passed on for generations.

Do your packages include a 2nd shooter?

Short Answer:


We (Dan + Laura) run our business together full-time, so if you get one of us, you'll automatically get both :). 

It's super important to have a backup photographer at weddings, because it ensures that important shots won't be missed! Technology sometimes is unreliable, and a photographer's camera or SD card can stop working at any moment. If there is no backup photographer, there is ALWAYS a risk of missing photos.

We love working together, and it's super helpful that we are both on the same page + both are experienced! 

How many photos do you deliver?

Short Answer:

Low end is around 50-75 per hour of photography

There are a lot of factors that impact the number of photos that I walk away with. The length of coverage, number of people, schedule of the event, etc. Typically, with a second shooter, I will deliver at least 50-75 edited, high resolution photos per hour of shooting. For example, if I take photos at your wedding for 8 hours, you can expect me to deliver at least 400-600 photos. These photos will be sent to you within eight weeks in the form of a downloadable gallery.

I have a unique idea. Will you help me execute it?

Is that even a question? YES!

I am ALL about unique ideas, because they are special. There's a story behind them.

Whether it's a surprise proposal, a creative photo shoot, or an adventurous elopement - send me a message and I would love to talk through the details.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

Short Answer: Between 2-3 weeks

My husband always makes fun of me, because I can't rest until I get photos edited + delivered! The moment when clients first receive their photos and fall in love with them - that's what I live for. While I do take my time editing to make sure your photos look amazing, I also try to finish as quickly as possible. The process never takes me longer than three weeks, and depending on my schedule I may get them to you even sooner!

Do we own the rights to the photos you take?

Yes, but also No.

Does that even count as an answer?

When I deliver your photos, you have the ability to download high-resolution files. You can share them on social media, get them printed, or keep them private - whatever you prefer.

However, I do maintain the copyrights for editing, publishing, sharing, etc. Our contract will describe the details, but I do ask that you refrain from adding your own edits, cropping, or altering the photos, and if you share them that you would give me credit (tagging on social media, linking to my website, etc.). 

Do you have insurance?

100% yes.

Absolutely. Many venues actually require a certificate of insurance. Plus, you can't control accidents - they happen every day. I strongly recommend that you hire a wedding photographer with insurance.

What equipment will you use?

Top of the line equipment.

I use Nikon cameras and a variety of different lenses. I also bring backup equipment, extra SD cards, extra batteries, etc. 

For your wedding, I will also bring with lighting equipment just in case. I prefer natural light photography, but weather is unpredictable sometimes. If we are unexpectedly forced into a dark building, I will still be prepared to capture your wedding photos!

What does the booking process look like?


I want your wedding to be as stress-free as possible, and that starts with planning! To book me for your photography, it's a simple four-step process. 1) Contact me. 2) I will ask you for a few details, and make sure I'm a good fit for your wedding. 3) I'll send you a formal proposal that you can review with your fiance and make a decision. And 4) we start becoming friends and planning the finer details!

It is a very big decision, and I don't want to put any pressure on you. Some photographers put expiration dates on their proposals to rush the process, but I don't do that. Obviously, you should book as soon as you make a decision (to avoid losing the date), but I want you to be confident in your decision.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, it allows me to secure the date.

I do require a 50% deposit (retainer fee) to book your date, unless we work out a monthly payment plan. You'll find that almost every photographer requires some sort of up-front payment.

Scheduling wedding photography is difficult, because there is a limited number of weekends available. If I agree to book your wedding date, I will turn down every other inquiry I get for that date. The up front deposit locks us in so we can rely on each other for that specific date.

If your wedding date needs to change, I can transfer that deposit as long as I have the new date open. Otherwise it is non-refundable.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I try to work with you as much as I can!

Woah, you just started wedding planning and are beginning to realize how much everything costs. It's something just about every couple deals with. Some clients have even told me they were worried that they would have to go without a wedding photographer!

I never want that to happen if I can help it. I will work with you as much as I can while still making sure that my bookkeeping is in order. The specific details of a payment plan will depend on how far in advance you're booking your wedding, the specific season, location, and cost. Just contact me if you're interested in working out a payment plan!

How far in advance do we need to book you?

Depends on the season, but as soon as possible!

Wedding photography tends to favor the summer and fall, especially as far north as the Adirondacks. However, I travel all over the place, so I still book weddings in the off-season! 

I have had a significant number of 2019 inquiries for dates that I already have booked, and my calendar isn't getting any emptier. If you are looking to book in 2019, there's no time to waste! Make sure you are confident with your decision, but we can make the booking process fast and efficient.

Generally, booking 8-12 months in advance helps to ensure that your date is available, but I am also already booking weddings for the summer and fall of 2020 so it's hard to predict.

What if we need more photography than we scheduled?

No worries! I'm flexible.

I dedicate my entire day to your wedding. If we schedule 8 hours, but you end up needing 9 or 10 - that is totally fine! We will work out the details of that prior to your wedding, but generally the cost is about $75/hr extra. 

Obviously, nobody wants to think about their budget during their celebration. That would kill the mood. We will decide beforehand what you would like me to do if things are running late, so that I don't have to interrupt your dancing to ask if you are okay with an extra hour of work. 

Should we provide food and drinks for you?

If you would like to!

I never want to be a burden to you, but food and water helps me to stay alert and have plenty of energy to capture your wedding. If you choose to provide refreshments, I will be grateful, but I don't require it.


However, I avoid alcohol during weddings. That's not because I don't want to celebrate with you, but because I want to give you the peace of mind that I am 100% focused on taking incredible photos that you will fall in love with! Plus, perception is often as important as reality, and I don't want anyone to think I've had too much to drink. But trust me, I WILL celebrate with you!

Do you deliver every photo you shoot?

Not exactly. Let me explain!

When taking photos of a wedding, I try to capture as many special moments as possible. Because I prefer those natural intimate shots, I don't do very much posing (directing, yes; posing, no) and instead try to take photos as quickly as possible of anything worth capturing. That results in a lot of duplicates, eyes-closed, groom sneezing, etc. 

The photos I deliver are the moments that I am trying to capture. If there are any worth delivering, trust me - I will send them to you! Sometimes even the outtakes are fun and real, so I'll include them for your enjoyment.

What is your editing process like?

Retouching, adjusting colors and exposure, culling photos

My entire photo editing process take anywhere from a few days to three weeks, depending on countless variables. First, I look through every photo and remove duplicate, blurry, or otherwise undesirable images. Next, I crop the photos to be centered if needed. After that, I adjust the colors of the photos and create a unique preset for your event, which I use as my initial edit to maintain consistency throughout the gallery. After ensuring that the tones are consistent, I adjust the exposure and contrast of each image. Lastly, I work my way through every picture individually, zoom in and carefully remove imperfections, unwanted objects, or distractions (while still keeping a 'natural' feeling). For example, I might remove a car that drove past at an inconvenient time, or a speck on the groom's jacket. 

My goal is to maintain the consistent style that I'm known for and to make sure nothing distracts from the precious moment that the photo captured.